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Meet Karen Blumenthal, Maddie and Ellie May

I have always had animals in my life. It started with rescuing stray cats and then the assortment of dogs, cats, rabbits, hampsters and birds you have as a kid. My husband and I had a Horse Boarding/Training Stable for about 22 years. He did the training, I took care of the boarding and we both gave lessons.

Karen, Maddie and Ellie May

I first got interested in agility about 12 years ago when I was showing my Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Confirmation and Obedience. I thought it was great fun but the only people I knew with the equipment were in Wenatchee and that was a little far to go on a regular basis.

In 1998 we got a Redbone Coonhound and I kept passing the Seattle Agility sign at the old Aqua Barn. My Redbone was shy and needed some confidence. We joined and I was hooked from the start. I found out how much of a team you and your dog become. I'd like to say Lucy, my Redbone, was as hooked as I was but alas that was not to be. She did get more confidence but she loves long walks, chasing crows and catching moles at home.


I had already gotten a Black and Tan Coonhound and I'm happy to say she, Maddie, loves it. Diana, one of the owners is also kind enough to share Issac, The Wonder Hound, with me to run on most Sunday nights.

I was so happy when I was asked to teach at Seattle Agility Center. It is very exciting to watch the first day as the puppies and dogs come through the door and then to see them just 7 short weeks later and how far they have come. They are starting to be that agility team.

Whether you want to compete or just have some fun and exercise with your best buddy - give it a try, you too might just get hooked.

2004 Agility Titles
NADAC - Novice Regular

Maddie's 2006 Agility Titles
NADAC - Novice Standard Title
NADAC - Novice Touch N Go

Maddie's 2007 Agility Titles
NADAC - Novice Jumpers
NADAC - Novice Touch and Go
NADAC - Open Regular

Ellie Mae's 2006 Agility Titles
NADAC - Novice Standard Title

Ellie Mae's 2007 Agility Titles
NADAC - Novice Regular

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