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Meet Marley Kirkham

Marley grew up on an acre of land in Issaquah, Washington with numerous animals including chickens, ducks, pet rats, frogs a cat and of course, dogs. Having always been an animal person, Marley was delighted when her parents got a Jack Russell Terrier puppy for her to train.

Marley 1

Scout and Marley spent 6 years in 4H, competing in basic obedience, showmanship, agility and rally. They even brought home a few blue ribbons from the State Fair. As a senior in high school, Marley spent her final year in 4H as chapter President, helping to teach younger students general dog care and basic obedience training.

After high school, Marley relocated to Bellingham, WA and received her Bachelor's in Science - Geology degree in 2015. Not ready to dive into a career quite yet, Marley took two years and traveled where the wind took her, spending time in New Zealand, Alaska, and New Mexico before returning to the PNW to work at a geotechnical engineering company.

Marley 2

Marley and her fiance purchased their first home in October 2019 and were finally able to fulfill their dream of starting their own fur family. The day the house closed, they adopted Tilly, a German Short Haired Pointer - Bluetick Coonhound. Incredibly excitable and always up for trying something new, Tilly has needed a lot of training and productive outlets for her energy.

Enrolling in their first class at Seattle Agility Center in January 2020, Tilly and Marley completed all obedience classes are working on Agility and Nosework mastery. When offered a position as an instructor at Seattle Agility Center, Marley immediately jumped on the opportunity to learn more about dog training and share her enthusiasm for the bond between dog and owner.