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Meet Timothy

Except for my college years, dogs have always been a central part of my life. My wife and I came to Seattle Agility Center over 20 years ago to take a puppy obedience class with our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Delilah. It was here that I took an interest in agility and it quickly became my passion - and Delilah’s. Since then, I have run agility with my other Corgis - Murdo, Bisbee, Venus, Serena, and Geisha. My boy, Madiba, is next.

My wife and I also participate in conformation events and in other performance events, such as FastCAT, and Barn Hunt, with our Corgis. What I love most about agility is you learn how to connect with your dog. You learn what motivates your dog and how to work as a team. You also learn that almost all errors are human errors, which can be humbling at times. Dogs’ lives are way too short, so I like to fill their days with lots of fun events. Agility is their favorite so far.