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Bob and Moose

Moose - Havanese

Hi, my name is Serendipity’s Mariner Moose. I go by several names: Mighty Moose, Moosey, Moose Man, but officially I am known as THE Moose. I started agility training as a puppy at the Seattle Agility Center during 2004 with my cohort, Bob.

I am a social butterfly and who celebrates life. I get very excited when I attend my weekly training sessions and enjoy associating with my friends. September, 2006 marked my debut in my first competition. I loved being the center of attention and could care less about competing successfully. During that time, I thought that my name was “Cute”. Fortunately, I started to improve so that my current titles are: NAC, NCC, NJC, S-TN-N, TG-N, WV-N, OJC, TN-O.


Even though I am height challenged, I love to run fast. At times, this results in earning the reputation as “Moose on the Loose”. But as Bob says, there are no bad days when hanging with the Moose, just bad runs.

Fyi, I have been closely examining a game called golf. After I retire from agility, I believe that sport is calling my name.

2008 Agility Titles

Open Jumpers
Open Regular
Novice Hoopers
Open Chances
Elite Tunnelers

2009 NADAC Agility Titles

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