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Diana and Reuben

Stoneridge Power Play (Reuben) - Rottie


October 2010

Reuben is now 18 months old. After double elbow surgery and recovery his is doing great. No agility for this boy, but otherwise he is very involved in Nosework, having passed his Birch Odor Recognition Test in a dazzling 8.86 seconds! We are also in Competition Obedience classes and working on Rally skills! Best of all, he is a WONDERFUL companion dog for me!!! We love to work together, hang out together, and play BATTLE together...I have a few battle wounds to prove his prowess! (battle is know as tugga in some circles) He is drop dead gorgeous too! I will post a current picture soon!

October 1, 2009

My, how he is growing!! Reuben has graduated from Seattle Agility Puppy Preschool, plus 3 other local puppy classes. He passed his AKC Puppy Star Program! He is tracking 600 yard tracks on 4 surfaces. Yes, he is indeed perfect!

August 22, 2009

I call him Reuben, Ruby, Ruby-Doo, Rooble, and so on! Rotties have been my breed of choice for 20 years, and I am so happy to once again have a Rottie in our pack after loosing Dexter over two years ago. It has been 9 years since I have had a puppy, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Reuben is a very confident, keen learner at 4 months and is participating in 2 puppy classes outside our center, and in Monique's classes here at Seattle Agility. He will start puppy agility in a week. He starts tracking next week, and will have a herding test next week as well.

His Nose is in Everyone's Business

With any puppy and especially with dogs that have been bred as guard dogs, it is very important to socialize in that very important first 6 months, so we are really committed to that! He loves every minute of it. He comes from a long line of conformation championships, and for me, even more important from working lines and lines with wonderful family companion temperament. I am over the moon about him!!! More later.

Agility Champion (left) Tracking Dangerous Cookies (right)
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