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Doug with Rainy and Boomer

Rainy - Australian Shepherd

A little Rain fell into our lives in the form of an adopted Australian Shepherd last spring. She had been shuffled around several times. She came with few manners, almost no trust for people, and was more than a little on the wild side. Now, almost a year later she has developed an enthusiastic love for people, a few more manners, and is still on the wild side.

At less than a year old she managed to teach Jasper, at the age of eight, to play fierce games of tug of war - usually during the crucial part of a movie. She believes that her nose belongs in the middle of everything, and there is little in the world not worth trying to eat at least once. She has developed a sweet and tender side, and discovered that it is worth it to hold still for a minute or two now and then for petting. Her sense of humor comes out in her favorite game, which involves shooting ahead of you just in time to take whatever chair you are heading toward.

Best of all, this little dog with a big heart has found her home.

2006 Agility Titles
Novice Jumpers
Novice Tunnelers
Outstanding Novice Tunnelers

Boomer - Australian Shepherd

Boomer, Boo, Boopity Boo, BooBoo Bear, Boopsy, even Booger at times. He doesnít care what you call him as long as you just keeping calling. Boo seems to have been born with a single mission in life Ė fun.


Iím not sure he has ever met a dog or person he does not like, and has an amazing talent for making friends. He can get anyone to play with him. Second only by a little, is his talent for running through mud puddles and the seasonal stream in our pasture with joyful abandon. He has even managed to get prissy miss Hannah to chase him through the water a couple of times!

You would have to look a long time to find a dog with as kind a spirit. I will never forget him coming up onto the back deck with a goofy look on his face. He walked up and spit out a tiny baby bird. He looked very proud and clearly wanted me to see what he had found. Then bird shook off the Boo spit, and flew away completely unharmed. And I can assure you, dogs DO smile.

I suspect he will be a great reminder that after all, the purpose of agility is fun.

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