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Mike and Molly

Boder Collie/Golden Retriever

Molly is a 2 year old border collie/golden retriever (coltriever) who is in a constant state of confusion - "Should I be calm or should I be wild & crazy?!?" She and her handler are either really "on" or really "off". What's a contact anyway?


2007 NADAC Titles
Novice Chances
Novice Jumpers
Novice Regular
Novice Tunnelers
Open Jumpers

2008 NADAC Titles
Elite Regular
Elite Jumpers
Elite Chances
Elite Tunnelers
Open Weavers
Open Hoopers

2009 NADAC Titles
Elite Hoopers
Elite Weavers
Elite Regular
Elite Tunnelers OUTSTANDING
Elite Jumpers SUPERIOR

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