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It is safe to say that the biggest reward in agility is the fun and satisfaction we find in playing this sport with our dogs. Whether we ever compete or not, win or lose, the joy in a great effort, a big step forward, or just the look in our canine partner’s eyes after a good run goes beyond words. One does not have to be a champion to earn this award.

Yet, there are some who do invest the time and energy to develop their skills and earn championship titles in agility – while still experiencing that joy and satisfaction. Any of the highest level titles and awards do deserve special recognition. Whether it as a NADAC NATCH, AKC MACH, USDAA ADCH, Teacup Agility TACH, or one of the many others waiting to be earned, each title is a tribute to a high level of performance repeated many times in competition.

For example, to earn the coveted North American Dog Agility Council NATCH (Nadac Agility Trial Champion) a dog must earn 230 points in Regular agility, 130 points in Jumpers, and 130 in Chances. For a dog to earn any of these titles they must show they have skills in all aspects of agility.

We would like to recognize the following E.A.T. champions:

Suzy and Sammy

AKC Master Agility Championship - August 2012

On a beautiful day at Marymoor Park, Sammy Blue earned his Master Agility Championship Title. Check out their video!

Mike and Meg (Border Collie)


Mike and Meg got their Natch with a beautiful chances run on August 12, 2012.

Mike and Colin (Border Collie)

NATCH and V-NATCH Title - 2011

Colin and I had been working on earning one Elite Jumpers Q for about a year before finally doing so on 11/25/2011 at the ZAP Thanksgiving trial. We earned our V-NATCH as well as our NATCH because he's always been a bit better at games anyway!

Courtney and Logan (Border Collie)

NADAC NATCH Title - 2010


Courtney and Logan earned their NATCH in 2010... Our FIRST Jr Handler! In 2010 Courtney was the highest scoring junior handler at NADAC Championships and 3rd place in 16-inch Vet/JH Division at Champs.

Nancy and Bear (Newfoundland Mix)

NADAC NATCH Title - 2009


Bear was a stray puppy that wandered into our lives at about three months of age. We're not sure of his breed, but we think he might be a Lab-Newfie mix. He's now four years old and has been doing agility for about two and a half years. Originally, I signed him up just for fun. We're still having fun, but Bear is surprisingly good at it too. I think he's happiest when we're out on the course running together!

Monique and Magick (Aussie)

NADAC NATCH Title - 2009

In July of 1999, we took the plunge. After a little over two years of looking for an Australian Shepherd pup to fit into our household, we had found the right dog. After a lot of research, a lot of freelance dog training, and a lot of time at the dog park, a few years ago I decided to tackle the prospect of an Aussie puppy. Any owner of a girl aussie will understand why I use the term "tackle."

Heartfire's Lyric Illusion -- or "Magick" as we all call her, was born in April, 1999 in California. She is a lovely little red merle girl, who was bred for her temperament and soundness first, and then for looks. She is intensely intelligent, full of life, and very loyal and loving. She is the first dog I have ever had who can jump from the floor to having all fours on the kitchen counter in one fell swoop -- and I hope she is the last! No dinner is safe with this girl around!

Magick has a heart of gold, and a conscience of... well... I'm not sure. She is convinced she is an angel and can do no wrong, despite what the rest of the family, including her big sister Paddy tell her; and we love her for it.

With her strong work ethic and wonderful sense of humor, Magick views life as one big challenge to figure out. She loves her agility play time, and is beginning to figure out that obedience is actually FUN. But her newest love is sheep. Recently we started Magick in sheep herding and she has done quite well for such a youngster. We imagine that she hopes to continue all of her endeavors for many years, and we know that our time together will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Monique and Zora (Papillon)

NADAC NATCH Title - 2009

Zora clearly runs faster than my camera can focus -
this is her usual speed!

But knowing the value of cuteness,
she sits still for the occasional pose...

Diane and Courtney Rose (Beagle)

NADAC NATCH Title - 2009

Courtney Rose absolutely loves her Agility Classes. She demonstrated her "agility" at 10 weeks by jumping up onto the open door of the dishwasher, and got ready for "Puppy Agility" classes by going in and out her dog door and running along the bench seat that surrounds our back deck.

My little Beagle loves people and I am very proud that Courtney passed her Delta Society exams on her first birthday and is a Certified Therapy Dog (oh yes - I passed too!).

Kathy and Sassy (Schipperke)

TDAA TACH Title - September 28, 2008

Olympic Crest Delight (Sassy) is my first Schipperke and my first agility dog. Together we have experienced many “firsts” together. We started agility as something fun to do together and the fun has never stopped. My little black dog (LBD) has phenomenal work ethics and is a very dependable partner. Our first agility trial was a Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA) event judged by Glenda Phillips. It was a special day to finish our Championship under Glenda’s watchful eyes in the same arena where we started. We also compete in NADAC, AKC (agility and Rally) and CPE. Sassy starts her morning with a tummy rub and is willing to work for cookies.

Jim and Picabo (Border Collie)

NADAC NATCH Title - August 9, 2008

Picabo earned her medal on August 9, 2008 with a chance run that went with her usual argument. We are blessed with a very loving dog that has unique pointed ears listens intently to any conversation, and has one and only one toy - her frisbee.

We tried agility on a whim and thanks to Diana, Doug, and Monique we have enjoyed a new activity that keeps us engaged with our dog. Picabo had a shoulder injury and surgery causing a lot of time off, but she has always been a willing agility partner. She regulary saves a run with a quick adjustment when I make a wrong move. Of course, she lets me know all about it with a vocal outburst!

Cyn and Bode (Border Collie)

NADAC NATCH Title - June 21, 2008

Bode earned his NATCH on June 21, 2008. I must say that the course he Q'd for the final needed NATCH points came on a very difficult chances course, and he was one of the few that had a clean run. I was lucky enough to remember to trust him (he's quite talented) and it all seemed so smooth, but I never took a breath during the run.

The NATCH was almost a secondary occurrence as we were trialing like crazy trying to earn enough lifetime points to be eligible for the 2008 Championships (which we accomplished with 2 weeks to spare). I am always proud to run with Bode, but the day we earned our NATCH was our proudest day yet.

Nancy and Jake (Australian Shepherd)

NADAC NATCH Title - June 11, 2006

Dear NATCH "Fortune Smiles on Jacob, ARPH #1293" AX AXJ FDX CGC,

You sure have a lot of letters by your name, little buddy. Pretty good for a nondescript little Aussie pup found alongside the highway. I'm glad I turned around to pick you up. You've changed my life in ways I'd never imagined possible.

Thanks for making up for all my handling mistakes and helping us earn this NATCH. It may mean nothing to you, but for me, it's a way of quietly making known to the world that we have this amazing bond. You're a special dog, Jake, and I'm a lucky human to have "found" you.

Your friend and dispenser of the cheese,


Doug and Jasper (Australian Shepherd)

NADAC Skilled NATCH Title - June 11, 2006

June 11, 2006 - just another run for him – full out and hard as he could go as always. But it was a special moment to me. That was how it was with Jasper. He just lived his life full out, and special moments sprang up around him all the time. He was a champion not only on the course, but in life as well.


The NATCH was especially cherished as just a few short months later cancer took our dear friend and companion Jasper. Sitting in front of the window, with the sun streaming in this morning, I still expect to see him come racing up the steps. Jasper, you may have not be with us physically, but you have never left our hearts.