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Tina and Eric with Sequoia, Beckham, and Shasta

Sequoia - Golden Retriever

We started agility in July 2004. Sequoia is my first dog that I have had in agility, so we are both learning. Sequoia is a year old, a sweet gentle dog, with a high gear that she uses for agility. We are working on teaching each other how to do this sport. Sequoia gets frustrated when she doesn't know where to go next quick enough, and I get frustrated when she decides she is going to her favorite pieces of equipment - the A-frame or the dog walk. We are both hooked on agility and I hope to stick with it to earn titles at trials. We have a great time at Seattle Agility.

2006 Titles
AKC - NA and NJW
NADAC Novice Standard
NADAC Novice Weavers

2007 Titles
AKC Novice FAST NADAC Open Tunnelers
NADAC Open Standard
NADAC Novice Chances

2008 Titles
AKC - OA, OJW, and NF
NADAC Open Jumpers
NADAC Open Weavers
NADAC Open Chances

2009 Titles
NADAC Novice Touch and Go
NADAC Novice Versatility
NADAC Novice Hoopers
NADAC Elite Tunnelers

2010 NADAC Titles
Elite Jumpers
Elite Standard
Novice Hoopers
Open Hoopers

Beckham - Lab

2008 NADAC Titles
Novice Standard
Novice Jumpers
Novice Tunnelers
Novice Chances

2009 Titles
NADAC Open Tunnelers
NADAC Novice Chances
AKC Novice JWW

Shasta - Golden Retriever

2010 NADAC Titles
Novice Standard

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