Agility - Obedience

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Seattle Agility Center       
PO Box 290
Maple Valley, WA 98038          
(425) 271-5433


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Previous Training__________________________________________________________________

Specific Behavior Problems_________________________________________________________

Where did you hear about us? (Please be specific)__________________________________

***Please provide information on current vaccinations in space on back of this form.

Please list class, date and time desired...First and Second Choice

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Amount Enclosed $_____________________(Make checks payable to Seattle Agility Center)

I understand and agree to the following:

To indemnify and hold harmless Doug Ricks, Diana Harris, and Seattle Agility Center, 
its owners, board of directors, officers, agents, employees, instructors, and staff members, 
from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action or liability of any kind 
whatsoever, for death, personal injury or property damage in any way proximately 
caused by ourselves, our family members, our friends and/or any animal belonging to,
or brought onto the premises by myself or any member of my family or my assigns. 
I further agree, on behalf of myself, my family and my assigns, to assume complete 
and sole responsibility for any and all actions of any animal belonging to, or 
brought onto the premises by myself, any member of my family or my agents or assigns.


Please print:  First and Last Name______________________________________________________

I agree to the following facility guidelines:

1.  Dogs must be on leash AT ALL TIMES.
    There will be a $10.00 fine for anyone who does not follow this basic
3.  Do not leave dogs in the car. If you are attending class with multiple dogs,
    come prepared to crate inside the training building. There is plenty of
    space for your crate.
4.  Do not arrive more than 15 minutes early for your class to avoid parking
    entry-exit problems.

In addition, I understand and agree to the following:

No dogs aggressive toward people or other dogs are allowed in any of the classes.  
If you need clarification on this point, speak to one of the instructors 
BEFORE registering your dog. 

Keep your dog on leash and six feet from other dogs unless otherwise directed
by your instructor. 

Keep  your dog quiet at all times by following your instructor's recommendations.

We can help with noisy behaviors.

Be responsible for all children and family members attending class.  Children
under 16 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult.  Young children must
have an adult with them during class.

Vaccinate your dog as required:  Puppies normally should not begin class until 
they have received their second set of puppy shots prior to the first class they
attend. This is usually between 9-12 weeks. Dogs over 1 year of age must receive
annual boosters or titer test and Rabies boosters every 3 years.  
Bordatella (kennel cough) is recommended but not required.
Please note date of last vaccinations:  
DPP(3 way puppy shot)_______Rabies_______Bordatella________