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Kathy Swan

Kathy grew up in Minnesota. Although a "city kid," she spent summers on her godparents' farm, where there were plenty of animals. She became a junior handler in 1969 at Twin Cities Obedience Training Cluc. In high school, she worked part time at Armstrong Ranch Kennels. Prior to enlisting in the Army, she managed the kennel and provided foundation obedience and beginning bird training to resident and boarding/training dogs.

The Army relocated Kathy and her dogs to Washington in 1976. She continued competing in obedience and put titles on a Samoyed, a Golden Retriever and two Rottweilers. She dabbled in conformation, finishing both American and Canadian Championships on her Rottie, Quazar.

All of the big dogs are gone. Now, Schipperkes aka little black dogs (LBDs) are her entertainment. While looking for something to challenge her beloved Sassy, Kathy enrolled in an agility class. It was fun and very different from obedience. They started competing in 2005. In 2010, Jack needed a new job, so it was time to learn about Nosework. Gracie, Sassy, Joy and Chance have followed their noses too. In 2013, the Schips started hunting for rats in Barn Hunt. When Canine Parkour came to Seattle Agility Center, LBDs learned to play that game too.

Her Schips competed in six agility venues (AKC, ASCA, CPE, NADAC, TDAA and UKC). They have acquired over 80 agility Championships (in three venues), competed in National events and are top ranked agility Schipperkes. The LBDs have reached Masters-level in Barn Hunt and Elite in Nose Work. They have titles in CGC and Tricks, as well as Rally and Obedience. If it sounds like fun, they will try it. Glory tried FAST CAT in 2018 and has several luring titles. Kathy ventured back into the conformation ring with Missy, completing her UKC Altered Championship. The LBDs have nearly 600 performance/companion dog titles. Kathy is a TDAA judge (since 2008) and accepted to judge CPE Scent Sport (2019).

Although she retired in 2016, Kathy continues to facilitate leadership and communication classes for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. She has a PhD in Workforce Education &Training from Penn State and enjoys working with adult learners. Kathy is a life-long learner, applying positive reinforcement concepts from seminars and Karen Pryor's Clicker Expos. Coming back to teach at Seattle Agility Center gives her the opportunity to encourage students to become better communicators while having fun playing with their canine partners.

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