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Meet Lindsey Miller

I started taking classes at the Seattle Agility Center many years ago with my old dog Sarah (a cute little corgi-mix) back when the Aqua Barn was still around! After a multiple-year hiatus, I started back up again with my new dog Lucy in Spring of 2006. Oh, how I had missed the agility fun! Lucy went to her first trial in September 2007 and earned three Qs (Tunnelers, Jumpers, and Touch n Go) in one day! During her second trial in January 2008 she earned another Q in Touch n Go. She is on her way to first Novice Title!

Lindsey and Lucy

So when Doug and Diana were looking for someone to help redesign the website, I jumped at the opportunity. I love the Seattle Agility Center and I have been working on websites for many years. I worked for for four years as a software developer, and while software development is no longer how I make a living, I still like to work on websites for friends and family in my spare time. I am also fortunate that my mother is a talented graphics design artist and has been available to help me with the artistic aspects of the website. She runs her own photography business called Indiestills. I have promised to work on her website when I am done with this one! :) She even specializes in pet photos!

It has been a lot of fun working on this website for Doug and Diana. I welcome comments and suggestions on it. You can reach me via email at

Lucy on the A-Frame