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Meet Marielle Martin

Marielle 1
Marielle and Leyna

I grew up in the Seattle area with animals as a constant part of my life. My Mom was a school teacher and always had some unusual animal each year for her classes (caiman lizards, land crabs, tarantulas, etc). We also had more normal pets, including gerbils, cats, dogs and for a while, ducks.

I started rescuing animals at an early age. My rescue efforts were interrupted by heading off to New York for college and subsequently serving in the U.S. Army. I returned to Seattle in 1991 and when my daughter was old enough, started fostering for King County Animal Control. Over several years, we fostered multiple dogs, several litters of bottle-fed puppies and socialized feral kittens.

Marielle 2
Marielle and Leyna Training

I started training at the Seattle Agility Center in 2016 with my Labrador Leyna. We started with Parkour and Obedience and then moved to nosework and the AKC tricks classes. However, the sport that Leyna and I love best is Nosework. Through Nosework, my bond with Leyna has deepened and she has really gained in confidence. I currently compete in Nosework with Leyna and look forward to sharing our enjoyment of the sport and the skills we have learned with others.

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