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Meet Nora Roper

Nora doing parkour.

Greetings! My name is Nora Roper and I teach Rally Obedience and general Obedience classes. I have been training with Doug, Diana, and staff at Seattle Agility Center for the past 20 years. The primary focus here is helping people and dogs develop a rewarding relationship. We use reward based instruction and games to teach skills in a safe environment.

I am the proud owner of three gorgeous Golden Retrievers: Daisy, Raylan, and our new puppy, Eli. They are my “kids”, my companions, and my hobby. My dogs have succeeded in earning titles in agility, nosework and rally obedience. Currently, we are doing Rally Obedience and Parkour. I love to learn and dog training gives me a constant opportunity to do so.

Nora doing more parkour.

Previously, I worked as a clinical scientist and math tutor. Although retired, I still enjoy helping others learn. Teaching dog classes gives me the opportunity to help students learn how to train, communicate, and work with their dogs. I enjoy peoples and dogs and since they both enjoy dog training better than math, my job is fun! Whether you want to compete, try something new, or just have fun with your dogs, join me for an obedience class.