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Meet Sandy Bott


Hello, Let me introduce myself - I'm Sandy Bott. Over the course of my life I have had the privilege to know and care for many different animals. From my work as a veterinary technician for twelve years to my current work as an Ayurveda Practitioner/Herbalist, I find helping animals and their caregivers to lead a more health filled life a very rewarding experience.

My best friend is my Standard Poodle Edison. Whether it be riding around in the car or hiking in the mountains, he and I go everywhere together.


We first began Parkour about three years ago and I must say it is the most fun we could ever have in a dog class! In developing skills to help Edison navigate the complexities of the courses, we have also acquired more confidence and communication, which has been invaluable on hiking and camping trips.

I am enjoying filling in to teach Parkour. I love the non-competitive teamwork that handlers and dogs are building to better their relationships. The smiles on the faces of the dogs and people are very heartwarming and inspiring.

I appreciate the chance to learn more every class and being able to pass that knowledge on is a wonderful opportunity.