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K9 Dexterity Parkour Classes

What is K9 Dexterity Parkour?

Most people probably know parkour running: an urban sport where people jump and run over and through obstacles they find in the environment. K9 Dexterity Parkour is the canine form of this sport. This sport utilizse obstacles found in the environment (urban but also in forests or parks) to let our dogs perform fun tricks like balancing, jumping and climbing:

K9 Dexterity Parkour is a great activity for active and agile dogs but it also helps build confidence in shy dogs. Because K9 Dexterity Parkour creates a high degree of body-awareness it is equally beneficial for dogs that are just growing into their bodies as well as graceful sport dogs.

This class will always focus first on the dog's (and handler's) safety and comfort level and will introduce a variety of easy to very difficult tricks that are appropriate for a huge range of dogs; From tiny to big and from super agile to couch potato. Most dogs will highly benefit from this class. Furthermore, this sport can help in building a great relationship with your dog! K9 Dexterity Parkour is a very individual sport and because of that we can accommodate a variety of dogs and levels of training. Dogs with a high degree of obedience and/or agility knowledge are equally as welcome as sport newbies! We will give every dog the space and time they need to have fun and be successful!

Praise for Parkour

Cody started taking Parkour classes at Seattle Agility Center. He still has to concentrate pretty hard on some of the exercises since he's not used to slowing down, but I like how much he's thinking about what he's doing with his rear feet. Overall, I think doing Parkour will make prop work for freestyle and Rally-Free easier for him. And, working in different environments will also build his confidence for doing nose work in unfamiliar places. Parkour is a great activity for dogs with lots of benefits!

Kathy and Cody Practicing Parkour

Thanks to Jo Huxel for her excellent class instruction and to Diana Harris and Doug Ricks for offering the class at their facility. -Kathy

K9 Dexterity Parkour is mainly an outside sport (but there is also lots of activities you can practice in your living-room!) depending on weather we will take this class outside as much as possible. When indoors we will utilize the agility arena and the obedience area.

Parkour can be safely performed on leash. For this class you need to have control of your dog on-leash and your dog should be able to sit on cue. Beginning Obedience or instructor permission is required. If your dog is already clicker trained or knows a marker word: Perfect! But it's not a pre-requisite, we can introduce a marker word on the go.

If you're unsure whether K9 Dexterity Parkour is for you and your dog, ask us! We're happy to provide additional information.

Thank you to Jo Huxel for introducing, developing, and instructing SAC K9 Dexterity Parkour Program!

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