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What is Nosework?

Have you ever seen search and rescue or drug/bomb sniffing canines work and been in awe of their skill at following and detecting odor? Now your dog can also experience the excitement of using their keen, natural, scenting abilities while developing a greater bond working with you. Whether you choose to participate in this rewarding activity of searching for herbal scents with your dog for fun or want to enter the trialing sport of nosework that allows your team to title, we have classes for you. In our Nosework classes we prepare teams to participate in both National Assocation of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and United Kennel Club Nosework (UKC Nosework). The same skill will provide you hours of fun wherever you are with your dog. Nosework exercises can be conducted in your basement, garage, back yard, at the local park or wherever you and your dog decide to play – indoors and out!

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Who Can Participate?


This sport is a low impact activity that builds confidence and burns lots of mental and physical energy in 10 minute exercises and your dog can stay on leash the entire time. The instinctive nature of the sport encourages nervous dogs to refocus on the task rather than the environment. The sport is a great confidence builder for all dogs participating.

Neither age nor physical abilities come into play for this sport (in either the dog or the handler). Searches are conducted indoors and outdoors in up to 1000 square foot areas. You can choose flat terrain so people and dogs with structural challenges do not need to worry about footing. If your dog has a nose, he can succeed at this sport every time he plays!

All dogs are born with the natural prey instinct to search and follow scent. It is their strongest survival instinct. Nosework simply FINALLY allows dogs to use those impressive skills and shapes them into a low impact sport that we can share with them. There is a new puzzle for the dogs to solve on each search and the dogs win every time! They are in charge of the search, not us! What could be more fun??!!

To participate in Seattle Agility Center Nosework classes handlers must have on leash control of their dog (normal pulling is not a problem). No aggressive dogs please. Pre-registration is required.

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Nosework Class Descriptions

All dogs must be either cookie or toy motivated. Dogs must be leash trained (normal pulling is not a problem). No aggressive dogs please. Ages 6 months to Seniors.

Class Pre-Registration is Required. Visit the Registration Page for costs and how to sign-up.

Unless otherwise noted, the following are 7 week, one hour a week classes.

All nosework classes are held at the Agility/Obedience Facility - Driving directions

Level 1 Nosework

Introduction to Nosework. Dogs learn to find cookies/toys in boxes. Boxwork. This teaches them to play the game. The first odor, Birch, will be added if dogs are ready. Outdoor searches are introduced.

Level 2 Nosework

Odor Work. Dogs learn to find birch odor in new places both indoors and outdoors as well as in box drills. Car searches are introduced.

Level 3 Nosework - Ongoing

Searches become more complex, more distractions, different heights and depths. Additional odors are introduced as dogs are ready. Nosework Fun Days off sight will be scheduled in addition to class time at this level. This class prepares for competition for those interested.

For the schedule of upcoming classes visit the Class Schedule Page
For costs and how to sign-up visit the Registration Page.