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Obedience Classes

Seattle Agility Center's Obedience Program is held in our NEW spacious 72x36 feet training room. Visit the Driving Directions webpage for directions. Our classes and Star Puppy Program provide a positive, supportive environment for you, your family and your dog to learn basic through advanced obedience and become the well socialized family member you desire. Our program is designed to help you and your dog work together, have fun together, and build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. The goal of training is to teach the dogs to learn. We do not teach the dog to sit. We teach the dog to LEARN to sit. Dogs learn by mimicking, following lures, emulation, exploration and discovery. The more constructive learning a dog does, especially between ages 0-2 years, the more complex the task the dog is capable of learning throughout its lifetime. Our obedience program facilitates this process.

All dogs participating in classes must be current on shots or provide titer results. Only non-aggressive dogs are appropriate for group classes. If you have a serious behavior or aggression problem, please ask us about resources to help you.

Star Puppy Program

Click here to learn more about this exciting 3 month training program for your puppy.

The following are 7 week, one hour a week classes.
Class Tuition is $175.00 for one dog.

Beginning Obedience

For dogs 6 months or older or younger puppy graduates from Puppy Kindergarten. Dogs learn controlled leash walking, sit-stay, down-stay, coming when called and appropriate social behaviors. This class increases the teamwork and understanding between dog and person. DO NOT BRING DOG WEEK ONE. This is orientation, so bring your questions!

Intermediate Obedience

For dogs who have completed Beginning Obedience with Seattle Agility Center or with instructor’s approval. Dogs increase sit and down stay skills, prefect coming when called, work on beginning off leash control and learn drop on recalls. Games are used in class to keep dogs and handlers interested. BRING DOG WEEK ONE.

Beyond the Backyard: Distractions and Proofing (Limited to 5 Dogs)

Uses some techniques from Denise Fenzi's BTB Book combined with old favorites. Distractions can be very tempting for dogs and frustrating for owners. This class uses controlled distractions to build handler focus and encourage dogs and handlers to achieve the next level of reliability and trust in distracting environments. Prerequisites: Sit stay 20' away, Down stay 20' away, Loose leash walking, recall off of a food distraction, and ability to be calm in a group class setting. WEEK ONE WITH DOG.

Control Unleashed Games (Limited to 6 dogs)

Based on Leslie McDevitt's curriculum

Playing games with our dogs is a great way to build reliability and teach dogs self-control skills for real life and sports situations. Learn to play the games that will help your dog be ready to go off leash in safe environments. Prerequisites: Engagement with toy play or personal play, recall off of a food distraction, sit OR down stay with handler 10' away, ability to settle in a group class setting. BRING YOUR CRATE or a mat for the dog to settle between exercises. WEEK ONE WITH DOG.

The following are 4 week, one hour a week classes.
Class Tuition is $120.00 for one dog.

Cooperative Veterinary Care

Is trimming nails or brushing your dog's coat a struggle?
Does your dog worry when it is time to visit the vet?

The CVC program is designed to teach dogs and their owners how to navigate veterinary care and husbandry with little or no physical restraint required. Cooperative Veterinary Care is a class taught by Monique Feyrecilde, author of the book by the same title.

Learn how to explain to your dog what you expect during grooming and veterinary care. Learn how to teach your dog what to do, how to establish a consent point for treatments, how to perform desensitization and counterconditioning (both classical and operant), and what common skills every dog needs to be successful. Skills covered will be customized to the needs of each individual team, but general concepts will apply to every situation.

The 4 week class limit is 6 dogs. Your dog must be comfortable in a group class setting (non-reactive, able to focus on the handler, take treats, etc.).

What to Bring:

  • A mat, towel, or elevated bed to use as a station
  • Any targets familiar to your dog
  • Props such as a brush, nail clippers, pill bottle, and any other husbandry items you may use at home
  • MANY tiny high value treats (8-16oz of treats per class)

Advanced Tricks & Shaping (Limited to 5 Dogs)

Learn to create training plans with a good balance between criteria, timing, rate of reinforcement achieve great results in training tricks and complex individual behaviors. Prerequisites: Dog must understand the basics of shaping and clicker training, and be calm in a group class setting. WEEK ONE WITH DOG.

Play with ME! Handler Focus & Self Control (Limited to 5 Dogs)

Handler focus and self control are the keys to flexibility in training and being able to trust a dog off leash in a variety of environments. This class uses toy play, physical play, food rewards during exercises intended to teach a dog to choose his own handler rather than environmental distractions, other dogs, and toys/food in the environment. Very helpful for agility! Prerequisites: Engagement with toy play or personal play including dropping toy on cue, sit, down, stay 10' away with moving distractions, recall off of distractions. INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION REQUIRED. WEEK ONE WITH DOG.

For the schedule of upcoming classes visit the class schedule page.