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Obedience Classes

Class Pre-Registration is Required. Visit the Registration Page for costs and how to sign-up.

Seattle Agility Center's Obedience Program is held in our NEW spacious 72x36 feet training room. Visit the Driving Directions webpage for directions. Our classes and Star Puppy Program provide a positive, supportive environment for you, your family and your dog to learn basic through advanced obedience and become the well socialized family member you desire. Our program is designed to help you and your dog work together, have fun together, and build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. The goal of training is to teach the dogs to learn. We do not teach the dog to sit. We teach the dog to LEARN to sit. Dogs learn by mimicking, following lures, emulation, exploration and discovery. The more constructive learning a dog does, especially between ages 0-2 years, the more complex the task the dog is capable of learning throughout its lifetime. Our obedience program facilitates this process.

All dogs participating in classes must be current on shots or provide titer results. Only non-aggressive dogs are appropriate for group classes. If you have a serious behavior or aggression problem, please ask us about resources to help you.

Star Puppy Program

Click here to learn more about this exciting 3 month training program for your puppy.

Unless otherwise noted, the following are 7 week, one hour a week classes.

Beginning Obedience

For dogs 6 months or older or younger puppy graduates from Puppy Kindergarten. Dogs learn controlled leash walking, sit-stay, down-stay, coming when called and appropriate social behaviors. This class increases the teamwork and understanding between dog and person. DO NOT BRING DOG WEEK ONE. This is orientation, so bring your questions!

Intermediate Obedience

For dogs who have completed Beginning Obedience with Seattle Agility Center or with instructor’s approval. Dogs increase sit and down stay skills, prefect coming when called, work on beginning off leash control and learn drop on recalls. Games are used in class to keep dogs and handlers interested. BRING DOG WEEK ONE.

Performance/Work Foundations: Focus, Engagement and Reinforcement!

This class is the right fit for dog and handler teams that want to work on more advanced skills needed for performance or working dogs or active pets and owners that enjoy working and learning together. We will work on focus and engagement around distractions and explore reinforcement strategies.

This class is fine for dogs that need to work on staying engaged with their handler around other dogs but it is not suitable for dogs that are reactive (e.g. lunging or barking at other dogs).

Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience or teacher approval

What to bring:

  • normal flat collar, harness or head halter
  • leash
  • plenty of small soft treats (and a treat pouch or pockets to have your treats in)
  • your dog's favorite toy(s)
  • a dog blanket/bed/mat for station training
  • a long line

For the schedule of upcoming classes visit the Class Schedule Page
For costs and how to sign-up visit the Registration Page.