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Obedience and Tricks Classes

Seattle Agility Center's Obedience Program is held in our NEW spacious 72x36 feet training room. Visit the Driving Directions webpage for directions. Our classes and Star Puppy Program provide a positive, supportive environment for you, your family and your dog to learn basic through advanced obedience and become the well socialized family member you desire. Our program is designed to help you and your dog work together, have fun together, and build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. The goal of training is to teach the dogs to learn. We do not teach the dog to sit. We teach the dog to LEARN to sit. Dogs learn by mimicking, following lures, emulation, exploration and discovery. The more constructive learning a dog does, especially between ages 0-2 years, the more complex the task the dog is capable of learning throughout its lifetime. Our obedience program facilitates this process.

All dogs participating in classes must be current on shots or provide titer results. Only non-aggressive dogs are appropriate for group classes. If you have a serious behavior or aggression problem, please ask us about resources to help you.

Star Puppy Program

Click here to learn more about this exciting 3 month training program for your puppy.

Unless otherwise noted, the following are 7 week, one hour a week classes.
Class cost is $230 for one dog.

Beginning Obedience

For dogs 6 months or older or younger puppy graduates from Puppy Kindergarten. Dogs learn controlled leash walking, sit-stay, down-stay, coming when called and appropriate social behaviors. This class increases the teamwork and understanding between dog and person. DO NOT BRING DOG WEEK ONE. This is orientation, so bring your questions!

Intermediate Obedience

For dogs who have completed Beginning Obedience with Seattle Agility Center or with instructor’s approval. Dogs increase sit and down stay skills, prefect coming when called, work on beginning off leash control and learn drop on recalls. Games are used in class to keep dogs and handlers interested. BRING DOG WEEK ONE.

Performance/Work Foundations: Focus, Engagement and Reinforcement!

This class is the right fit for dog and handler teams that want to work on more advanced skills needed for performance or working dogs or active pets and owners that enjoy working and learning together. We will work on focus and engagement around distractions and explore reinforcement strategies.

This class is fine for dogs that need to work on staying engaged with their handler around other dogs but it is not suitable for dogs that are reactive (e.g. lunging or barking at other dogs).

Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience or teacher approval

What to bring:

  • normal flat collar, harness or head halter
  • leash
  • plenty of small soft treats (and a treat pouch or pockets to have your treats in)
  • your dog's favorite toy(s)
  • a dog blanket/bed/mat for station training
  • a long line

Novice Tricks - 10 Tricks Required to Title

Would you like a fun class that develops team work and communication skills between you and your pup? Tricks is a delightful way to engage your dog mentally and physically. If you would like to earn titles for your dog as well, this class does it all!!

The American Kennel Club now recognizes the sport of trick training. Treats are allowed while you earn your title. This class will cover 20 tricks and you can choose 10 to earn your Novice AKC Trick Dog Title and entertain and impress your family and friends!

Every dog will find 10 tricks needed for the title in the curriculum. Your dog doesn't fetch? No problem. Teach Crawl, kiss, spin and walking on a balance beam instead! Below you will find the list of tricks covered in the class. At the end of class the Trick Dog AKC form will be filled out and signed by Jo Huxel, your CGC certified instructor, and you are on the road to titles and fun!

Pre-requisite for this class is STAR puppy or Beginning Obedience. No Reactive dogs.

  • Balance Beam
  • Bark on Cue
  • Crawl
  • Fetch
  • Find (treat under cup)
  • Get your ___ toy, leash, name of item
  • Get in the box
  • Hand signals for down, sit, or come
  • Get on item with 4 paws
  • High five
  • Hold item in mouth 3 seconds
  • Jump thru hoop or over bar
  • Kennel up - go to crate
  • Kiss
  • Paws up - 2 on item
  • Push-ups - sit, down, sit, down, sit, down
  • Shake hands
  • Spin in Circle
  • Touch it - hand or target
  • Tunnel
  • Can add two tricks of your choice!

Intermeadiate Tricks - 10 Tricks Required to Title

Continue the Tricks journey with the Intermediate Tricks class! Add 10 additional tricks to your performance for more fun and another title! This class adds more complex tricks and skills and improves the tricks already covered! Come join us!

Pre-requisite - Novice Tricks title or ability to perform 10 novice tricks. No reactive dogs.

  • Balance Treat on Nose
  • Carry (a basket or ? in mouth)
  • Catch - toy or ball
  • Crawl
  • Fetch it (20 feet)
  • Game - dog works interactive dog game
  • Go find - Handler that has hidden
  • Go to your mat
  • Hand signals - sit/down/stand/come - 3
  • Jump thru handler's arms
  • Leg weave
  • Paws up on handler's arm
  • Pull a toy by string
  • Push button on sound toy
  • Roll over
  • Shell game - treat under 1 of 3 cups
  • Sit up or Sit w Head Tilt
  • Wave good-bye
  • Weave poles
  • Wobble Board
  • Two Tricks of Your Choice!

Advanced and Performer Tricks - Combined in one class

The ultimate Trick Dogs! The fun never ends!! This class takes tricks to a new level! Check the list below.

Advanced - 5 Tricks Required

  • Back up
  • Balance treat on nose, flip and catch
  • Barrel - Roll with two paws or stand on it
  • Bow
  • Circle right, Circle Left
  • Cover your Eyes
  • Cover Up with a blanket
  • Go Hide - under table, in box
  • Head Down
  • Hide your head (under blanket or paw)
  • Jump into handler's arms
  • Light - turn on light
  • Open door of mailbox, toy fridge, get item
  • Play Dead
  • Scent Articles - Choose from 5
  • Tissue out of box and bring to handler
  • Toys - pick up and put away
  • Weave poles
  • 2 Tricks of Handler's Choice

Performer - 10 Tricks from Novice/Intermediate/Advanced

Team performs a trick routine of 10 tricks that includes at least 2 Intermediate and 2 Advanced tricks. The routine may have a story line. No food lures..can give cookie after behavior as a reward. Provide a video for AKC.

For the schedule of upcoming classes visit the class schedule page.